TSU 2014: French Kiss the Italian Beauty

The Stories you are going to hear about this TSU are legendary, because those stories are French and Italian legends made by all of its participants and organizers. This TSU included not only the discovery of Italian and French cultures but also friendship and unforgettable memories shared by people coming from 17 different countries. And who are the heroes that made this possible? The antennas of Lyon and Genova. Lyon, Annecy, Genova and Cinque Terre are the places where everything happened… those places will be remembered by each and every of us for the rest of our lives.

10807845_10204327716064853_67303703_nIt was not just a Travelling Summer University through outdoor and sporty activities because “We shared umbrellas to hide from the rain. In stormy nights we kept warm by a cuddle. We lost our souls rushing from train to train and found them again at the end of the bottles.”(Nedelkovska, Anja). As it is understandable through this meaningful quote by one of our participants, it was more than a cultural exchange and mixture of fun activities. We faced bad weather during the first days in Lyon but it challenged us so that we appreciating those moments. As this Summer University was the first for many of the participants, we learned how to act and think like a group of AEGEEas: we never tear apart.

Even during the hikes in Italy, that were very tough, we were always together, coping with heavy rain and hot-humid weather as a group! This amazing TS was characterized by big challenges. AEGEE Lyon is a small antenna with 15 members and four active members and those people managed to make a successful TSU with a big help from Aegee Genova antenna. Although organizing Summer Universities with different locals has always been complicated, “French Kiss the Italian Beauty” had an amazing organization, made by antennas from different countries. All of its participants and organizers did a very good job! From timetable to meetings and group activities everybody was full of energy and tuned all the time.

Magic was in the air like our French song said. We were all feeling the warmth of excitement which let us discover every corner of the amazing cities. We had so much fun that at the end of the TSU, we all had six-packs and also some sort of drawings on our bodies as a memory.

10579712_10204327744665568_850186710_nBeside all the crazy stuff we did, everyone went back home with a considerable number of deep memories. Like the 14th July-French National Day fireworks that we watched for 20 minutes near the Annecy Lake/France. The show was so breathtaking that we could not even closed our eyes. And the concert afterwards was also memorable. After only four days of TSU the group was already formed. The big chain was becoming like the clappers.

First night at Genova was also another fantastic moment of this TSU. We had a pool party and everybody enjoyed Genova Port with city lights and stars. Sometime pool party became jacuzzi party but we figured out how to bring the people back to the pool…I mean throw them into the pool.

Besides the amazing nights we spent throughout the TSU we also had great sport activities like the hiking from Camogli to splendid beach of San Fruttuoso. Hiking took three hours, even if it was exhausting we loved the view from the top of the hill and enjoyed our meal inside the Natural Park. (We stayed at dormitory in Lyon with hundreds of stairs from to city centre, gym at Annecy with flat roads, again gym in Genova with affordable hills and monastery in Cinque Terre with very high hills and the most beautiful view.

Activities the TSU contained were magnificently arranged for the sport lovers.) In France, Lyon offered us an Adventure Park while we discovered the amazing Annecy Lake by hiking. In Italy, we took Kung-Fu lesson, swam in the warm sea of Sestri Levante and Cinque Terre let us enjoy all the breathtaking views it has.

All the places we visited and the things we did cannot be told using words. One should experience them. But in just a few words, I could say that this TSU was a metal chain which connected each people who took place in it with the help of sport and nature.

Ayşegül Gökdağ